5 Unique Party Favors for Adults

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Why do you need to know about 5 unique party favors for adults? Perhaps you’ve had a wonderful celebration, like a milestone birthday, anniversary or retirement party. Your guests have enjoyed the evening from beginning to end. But you want to go the extra mile and have them leave with something special like a giveaway or party favor. But what’s appropriate? What’s something a little out of the ordinary? Here are 5 unique party favor ideas for adults.

Customize Favorite Foods for Custom Giveaways

As an Event Planner, I’m a big believer in custom giveaways that are a continuation of your celebration. The party favors should have the same look and feel as the event. For example, for Hope’s 50th Birthday, her party color scheme was orange and white with a light and airy feel (much like the birthday girl herself!). So we bagged up kettle korn made at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, custom H50 water bottles and a cute sign thanking guests for “popping in” to celebrate. The result was adorable and guests left smiling.

Keri loves to “eat, drink and be merry”. So for her 50th birthday celebration, we created a world where guests were asked to “Eat Drink and be Keri“! We carried out this theme with her giveaways by filling Keri’s favorite food, caramel corn, inside a custom glass mug. The result was festive and fun. We stacked up the mugs and placed them around a custom sign as part of the room decor for a great effect.

Custom Alcohol Bottles as Giveaways for Adults

Another idea for giveaways for adults is customizing miniature alcohol bottles. For John’s 60th birthday, we customized mini Hendrick’s Gin bottles (John’s drink of choice) and used them as place cards that guests could take home at the end of the night.

Neil’s favorite drink is Maker’s Mark Whisky. So for his surprise 50th birthday, we customized mini bottles with his last name for guests to take home at the end of the night. They were a huge hit and made for a fantastic display. We had a wonderful cake designer who was able to match the bottles perfectly which was a delicious treat!

Cindy is a chic champagne girl, and her 50th birthday celebration reflected that. But her husband thought it would be fun to pair upscale and approachable with her party favors. In order to do achieve this goal, we packaged mini champagne bottles with custom ribbons inside red solo cups. We printed “Frank the Tank’s” birthday wishes on the cups for Cindy and their guests to enjoy. An oversized solo cup sign rounded out a fun and whimsical display.

Custom Cookies and Candies are always fun party favors for any occasion….

Matt is a HUGE University of Michigan fan. And Matt also loves JujyFruit candies. So for his 60th birthday celebration, his family surprised him with custom candies with UM touches everywhere (Go Wolverines!). We paired the candy boxes with custom shirts and cookies and dubbed the birthday boy “Michigan Matt”!

When an Orthodontist is retiring, it’s only fitting to have favors that both satisfy a sweet tooth and “numb” the pain of his leaving the practice. So we had two adult give aways! The first were cookies with braces that were packaged with a sticker saying “a little something for your sweet tooth”. The second were drink coasters that said “Brace Yourself – Dr. Lawton is Retiring!”. Such fun custom giveaways as guests left the party!

A Fashionable Favor…

Chic party favors for adults are always in fashion! For a fundraiser at the Mall at Millenia we decided to pair mini champagne bottles with cookies, each branded with our event logo. The end result was sophisticated and stylish.

Need help creating unique party favors for adults or children? Feel free to reach out to Party Perfect Orlando!

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August 30, 2020

  1. Joe says:

    Can you do Jack Daniels bottles instead of Markers Mark? What would be the cost?

  2. Mae says:

    Can you do labels for Makers Mark party favors?

  3. Maria says:

    Where can I order those lil Maker’s Mark whiskey bottles?

  4. Ashor Chamoun says:

    Interested in the red solo cups with mini champagne idea

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