9 Custom Candy Buffets for a Mitzvah

Unique ways to Customize a Candy Buffet for your Mitzvah Celebration

Candy Buffets for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah should be unique and customized to compliment each celebration. Creating custom items, like backdrops, candies and containers will set your candy bar apart from the rest. Work with your Mitzvah child’s party theme and color scheme to build elements of the candy bar. This will add to the overall look and feel of the room and become a usable element of decor. Below are 9 examples of different candy buffets that reflect the theme of each event.

Movie Theme Candy Buffet

A movie-themed candy buffet for a mitzvah at Universal Studios Orlando is a perfect fit. Therefore, create a giant backdrop that resembles a movie theatre concession stand. And you can add old film reels on the table for an authentic effect. Guests enjoy a wide variety of candy options, including Gummy Popcorn!

Sugar Shack Fishing Candy Buffet for a Bar Mitzvah

Max loves fishing. So, a Sugar Shack candy buffet for his Bar Mitzvah celebration is a perfect fit. This fun display is “anchored” by a 3-D directional sign. Create custom containers for guests to fill up with candy and take home with them at the end of the night. And for additional display, use an adorable nautical boat for boxed candies.

Neon Candy Buffet Lights Up A Room!

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Jacob’s candy buffet for his mitzvah was truly epic. Everything on the table glowed and lit up the room. To get a similar look, create a custom sign so it will look like neon. In addition, giant glowing orbs on either side of the table will create visual appeal. Finally, place candy jars on top of a clear acrylic frame filled with gum balls! Or you can add neon light-up necklaces around jars to make them glow.

Sky Full of Stars Blue Bat Mitzvah Candy Buffet

It was a night under the stars for this Bat Mitzvah girl, and her candy buffet was therefore an extension of her theme. In order to do this, only candy in blue, silver and white were used. In addition, string market lights were hung as a beautiful backdrop. Finally, delicate, silver signage was placed inside floral displays to round out the look.

March Madness Mitzvah

A March Madness candy buffet for a mitzvah….? That’s a slam dunk! In order to get this look, create a concession stand backdrop to look like basketball brackets. Order or create table linens to look like a basketball court. Use basketballs in nets as part of the decor. As an added touch, make custom candies to match the theme. Your guests will enjoy this game all night long!

A Take on Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is iconic and a fun theme for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Create custom jar labels that resemble the retailer. Create a sign to match the labels. Add fun design elements like oversized and colorful lollipops. For a great effect, put everything on a light-up table to draw even more attention to the candy buffet.

Baseball Candy Bar is a Home Run

Fenway Park is the perfect backdrop for a candy buffet for a mitzvah. Add an awning, and all of a sudden you’re at the concession stand! Treat guests to boxes of Cracker Jacks, Big League Chew, baseball chocolates and more. Make custom candies to match the theme as a special surprise. Use colors of your favorite baseball team.

Beachside Snack Shack Candy Bar

Every beach lover enjoys a great snack shack. A candy buffet for a Bat Mitzvah was made with this in mind. Create a giant backdrop of the beach. Use glittery linens to sparkle like the ocean. Customized pink pails are a great way for guests to gather their candy for the night. Candy jar signs in event colors finish off the look beautifully.

Graffiti Candy Buffet for a Mitzvah

An enormous graffiti sign made from aluminum scraps and spray paint is a perfect backdrop for a graffiti-themed candy bar. Grunge up the table with newspapers instead of linens. Create labels for brown bags that guests can use for their candy. Add spray paint cans as part of the decor and you have the perfect street sweet stand.

Party Perfect loves creating candy buffets for a mitzvah!

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September 26, 2020

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